HandyBlend Tips

NEVER put your hands inside your HandyBlend and avoid any contact with the blades.
Before first use, add water & press the power button on your HandyBlend to rinse it.
You can charge your HandyBlend with any USB port, from your phone, to your computer, to the USB port in your car. The USB cord only fits in one way, so don’t try to force it in the wrong way.

Always start by adding a liquid, such as water, milk, or juice. This will make blending easy. We recommend cutting your fruit or other ingredients into small chunks.

Start your HandyBlend upside down for maximum blending power so that the blades reach their top speed, then turn it right-side up so that your ingredients are blended effectively.


We advise against using hot liquids over 120°F / 49°C as this can cause damage to your HandyBlend.


As a safety measure the HandyBlend features a small magnet on the jar and base, which must be in line in order for the blades to function. Red and Blue flashing lights indicate that the bottle is not properly aligned with the base. If this problem occurs, screw your jar clockwise into the base. 


Red flashing lights mean your HandyBlend needs to be recharged or that your blades are blocked. Recharge or shake your HandyBlend, and/or turn it upside down, then flip it back over while on.

Thank you so much for choosing HandyBlend.

We appreciate you!