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The HandyBlend puts all the functionalities of a regular blender into the palms of your hands - giving you the freedom to blend your favourite shakes, smoothies, cocktails or baby food wherever and whenever you like!

CHARGE your HandyBlend in no time by simply plugging it into any USB port or charger! Whether in the office, travelling, exercising, or at home, enjoy the smoothest of shakes or freshest juices anywhere. Welcome to the complete limitless experience!

BLEND with absolute confidence. The HandyBlend is guaranteed to meet all your blending needs and is powerful enough to crush ice!

GO anywhere with your HandyBlend - the perfect partner for your daily routines and adventures. When you start HandyBlending, we promise you'll never stop!




EFFORTLESS BLENDING – The HandyBlend will make the smoothest of shakes or smoothies at the push of a button! You can rely on this portable blender to both exceed all your blending needs and assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


EASILY PORTABLE – Your portable blender can be carried around anywhere you go and stored at your convenience - whether it’s in your suitcase, gym bag, briefcase or purse.


STYLISH DESIGN – Without a doubt the coolest looking blender on the market. You’ll be sure to be turning heads with this stylish looking portable blender. We not only considered functionality, but also a product that will be sure to compliment you wherever you go. Choose from our variety of colours, so you can look great, as well as feel great, with the HandyBlend!


LOW MAINTENANCE  With the HandyBlend, manual cleaning is now a thing of the past. Cleaning your portable blender is just as quick as blending. Simply fill it with water and soap, power it on and watch it clean itself! Alternatively, use your HandyBlend cleaning brush which is specially tailored for your bottle. The cleaning brush allows you to scrub thoroughly around and under the blade.

MAXIMISED PORTABILITY After thorough research and endless surveys, we made it our mission to design the HandyBlend to be the perfect size to suit our customers. We integrated a carrying strap with the portable blender to maximise it's portability.



ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE  The compact and lightweight design of the HandyBlend means that it will fit anywhere with ease - from your bag to your car's cup holder. The sleek design does not in any way compromise the power of the portable blender. The built-in strainer helps to keep the contents of your HandyBlend free of any unwanted bits. 

What are you waiting for? It's time to get HandyBlending! Order your portable blender bottle now and join us on our journey to limitless portability! 



Materials: BPA free food-safe materials

Capacity: 380ml

Motor Speed: 22,000 RPM

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Charge Time: 1-3 Hours

Use time: 8-12 cups per charge